In her talks, Tanja bridges the gap that so often exists between life and money, shifting the conversation to life purpose, fulfillment, and happiness, rather than wealth for its own sake. That spirit combined with her seamless blend of polish and realness have made her a sought-after speaker in the personal finance space and beyond.

Tanja on CNBC (click for interview)
Tanja leading a session at Cents Positive, from ABC Nightline feature story

Sample keynote/workshop/panel leader topics:

All talks infused with Tanja and her husband’s story of retiring early to live the life of their dreams, and what they learned along the way.

  • Work optional: Align your money and your values to live a purpose-driven life
  • The power of a career intermission
  • Give your money a mission statement
  • Boost your career with financial independence
  • What employers and HR need to know about the growing FIRE movement
Financial Professionals:
  • The best retirement plans come from the heart
  • How big is your safety net? Managing risk on a long time horizon
  • What traditional retirees can learn from the early retirement movement
  • The imperfect expert: Balancing authority and vulnerability to connect with your readers
  • Build your brand without selling out

Live presentations and keynotes

Tanja’s compelling presentation connected deeply with our audience, offering them the possibility to achieve their career goals by taking control of their financial independence.

— Google team lead

On-camera interviews



Upcoming speaking engagements

  • FinCon19 Big Idea talk (main stage), September 2019
  • Cents Positive Seattle, October 2019
  • Cents Positive Chicago, October 2019
  • American Association of Individual Investors conference, October 2019
  • Ecuador FI Chautauqua, November 2019
  • Featured in forthcoming Playing with FIRE documentary, TBD 2019

Selected past speaking experience

  • Headline speaker at CampFI Mid-Atlantic, May 2019
  • Featured speaker at Tesla, May 2019
  • Keynote speaker at Google NYC, May 2018
  • Headline speaker at CampFI Midwest, August 2018
  • Featured speaker at FinCon18, September 2018
  • Headline speaker for SoFi member event, January 2018
  • Corporate speaker at SoFi, January 2018
  • Event leader, moderator and presenter at Cents Positive Denver, November 2018
  • Keynote speaker at Achieving the Dream, Spring 2017
  • Speaker at ComNet17, September 2017
  • Panel leader and panelist at FinCon17, October 2017
  • Speaker at Lola Retreat, August 2017
  • Featured speaker at Open Education Conference, Fall 2017
  • Guest lecturer at University of Nevada, Reno, 2015-2016
  • Keynote speaker at GED Testing Service conference, 2011

For speaking requests

Please email me at tanja [at] tanjahester dot com. If it’s for something big, my incredible agent Lucinda Blumenfeld will be involved. Feel free to reach out to her directly at lucinda [at] lucindaliterary dot com // 917.722.6323.

Tanja Hester Speaking One-Sheet

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