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Work Optional: the Non-Penny-Pinching Guide to Retiring Early walks readers step by step through the process of envisioning the life of your dreams, building a financial plan around that, achieving those financial goals, and embarking on a purpose-filled, work-optional life. Whether that’s a full exit from the workforce for good, a semi-retirement in which you do only work that’s fun or meaningful to you, or a career interspersed with intermissions from the daily grind, Work Optional will help you map out all the steps you need to take, tailored to your specific dreams, circumstances, and starting point, to get you to a life in which work becomes optional, all without feeling like you’re sacrificing everything you enjoy or pinching pennies to get there.


WORK OPTIONAL: The Non-Penny-Pinching Guide to Retiring Early by Tanja Hester

Author Tanja Hester shares her story retiring early from her career at age 38 with her husband Mark Bunge to live a life of adventure and community service, and shares the in-depth knowledge she’s gained from years of research into the best strategies for early retirees and aspiring early retirees, from the best investment vehicles to use, to planning for health care in early retirement, to making a successful transition into the next, purpose-filled chapter of life. All along the way, you’ll read stories from others who’ve created their own work-optional lives, proving that some form of early retirement is possible for nearly anyone with discretionary income, whether you’re a parent with children, a single earner, living in a high-cost area, or earning less than six figures. Work Optional is the comprehensive road map to a life that makes you feel excited to wake up every day.

Work Optional is now available for pre-order, and will be released March 26, 2019, by Hachette Books.